Wiwoka Media

Photography and Adventure

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Wiwoka is a Susquehannock word that means “whispering waters.” As Norman Maclean once suggested, the stories and voices of our ancestors can be heard in natural world, if we are willing to listen. For me, these voices are loudest when I stand in a river at twilight; they fill me again and again with a sense of wonder and humility, with¬†nostalgia and hope for the future. Wiwoka Media seeks¬†to create images and art steeped in our shared sense of adventure, in the eternal need for storytellers and listeners, with a nod to all those everyday heroes and heroines, living every second as if it could be the last. Please enjoy these images and never stop exploring!


Scandi Practice at Maclay Bridge

Screwing around with Rob's GoPro and working on my Scandi SA casts.

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