Bill Pfeiffer

I grew up in the rolling hills of north central Pennsylvania, playing in creeks, catching crayfish, building camp fires, cutting trails, and causing general mischief. In 2001 after graduating from Bucknell Univerisity, I relocated to Missoula, MT, to fly fish and find meaning in my life. I’d always been casually interested in photography and started taking a camera along on my adventures as fly fishing guide. Gradually, I noticed I started seeing things differently, as if with a different set of eyes, and the digital darkroom added a whole other dimension to my hobby. With some coaching from my cousin, Sandpoint ID-based Doug Marshall(, I’ve gradually started to think of myself more and more as an actual photographer. I still have so much to learn but I hope you will enjoy my images. I’m so fortunate to be able to visit these amazing places.

Colleen Kane

Colleen is originally from Alpena, Michigan, but her family relocated to the Keweenaw, the furthest point north on the Upper Penninsula. She spent time in national service with Americorps in Elkhart, IN and attended graduate school in Bellingham, WA. She┬árecently taught herself to paint, which is amazing! I’ll leave it up to her to write the rest of her bio when she gets a chance.